Our Services

Investment Strategies

We work with you to develop and secure the investment strategies that will bring to life your future financial goals - including wealth creation, asset protection, tax effectiveness and lifestyle funding.

Budget and cash flow planning

Take the guesswork out of managing your week to week financial affairs.We work with you to structure your income and outgoings in a way that builds financial certainty.

Debt management

Sometimes debt can be overwhelming and the pressure may affect many aspects of your life. We can help you take back control - working with you to reduce debts and achieve financial freedom.

Superannuation advice

Superannuation plays a critical role in safeguarding our financial security in retirement. Identifying and choosing strategies to protect and grow our nest egg is a complex arena. We offer expert advice and walk you through the options.

Centrelink/ DVA

Speak to us about how to access Centrelink to meet your living expenses while making the most of your savings during your retirement.

We can help you navigate the complex process of Centrelink applications and ongoing requirements.

Aged Care

Considering aged care and not sure where to begin?

Kellie Payne Financial Solutions can help you structure your assets and finances and save you from making costly decisions.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is critical to ensure your assets and investments are distributed in the most effective manner according to your end of life wishes.

Secure your peace of mind and work with us to develop your estate planning strategy.


Retirement Advice

The key to a comfortable retirement is often in the planning and preparation.

We identify your needs and goals - including your planned retirement age and lifestyle requirements and use these to develop your plan.


Personal insurance strategies

Protect the financial future of yourself and your family with the right insurance cover and options. Whether you are employed or working for yourself it is critical that you have a contingency plan. We can show you how.


The advice we offer depends on your needs. We are available to provide specialist advisory services in relation to single issues through to ongoing advice. Kellie Payne also offers a comprehensive service across savings, insurance, investments and retirement planning.

Portfolio review

Things change - it's a fact of life. Businesses grow and shift, industries gather steam and then may struggle. Your goals also evolve as your personal circumstances change - and reviewing your portfolio to ensure it remains effective is critical.

Referrals to specialists such as accountants and solicitors

Kellie Payne Financial Solutions works with specialists across a range of professional services. We are able to align our services to provide you with a seamless experience.