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Since meeting in late 2012, Kellie has done a phenomenal job walking beside our family and supporting us through some of our most difficult and perplexing times. Kellie took over as adviser to my late Mother, not an ordinary transition by any means as my Father had just passed away. This would be difficult enough, but the inept or lack of documentation from the previous adviser showed Kellie’s skills to be of an extremely high standard.It became very obvious from the outset that Kellie had her clients interest foremost at heart, also the skills and mindset to unmuddy the waters.We found Kellie’s similar manner, ideals, qualities and integrity very comforting and helped sooth all we were experiencing. The respect, availability, compassion and empathy shown by Kellie, meant we as a team could make sure that Mum’s wishes and dignity were foremost to the end. 

Karen Polsen

In the years that I have known Kellie, I am privileged to call her a friend, colleague, business associate and client.What makes Kellie stand out from others is her authenticity, empathy, compassion for others, professionalism, desire and total focus on serving others.Kellie is a rare person in that she truly lives her life by her values. She knows what is important, and that is service, helping others, being one of the best in her industry and helping women to take charge of their finances.Few people are the ‘real deal’ and truly walk their talk and live it. Kellie does. Her kind, caring, compassionate, honest, professional and empathetic nature is borne out in every aspect of what she does and how she shows up.Kellie is also passionate about helping women less fortunate to learn and take charge of their finances through her involvement with her church. 

Mandy Napier

Within a relatively short time frame of first inquiring with Kellie, I learned that she was a planner who was fully engaged with her clients and consistently offering valued information and insights that would ultimately change people’s lives.In late 2017 I opted to shift our financial planning and superannuation fund management through to Kellie.The process was far more thorough and extensive than our previous experience with a financial planner. Kellie was very specific about ensuring we were provided with all relevant information and its context.This means we were able to make well informed judgements about our priorities in moving forward.Kellie is a balanced, logical and thorough professional who builds trust through her authenticity and genuine commitment to educating and engaging her clients.

Tracie Sanim

Kellie's help over the years has been invaluable to us and for this we are sincerely grateful. We would not have managed without Kellie's help and genuine support. 

Wendy Ohlsen

I am not normally inclined towards making recommendations however, on this occasion I feel compelled to do so.
I recently faced a situation where retirement was my best option. Not having experienced this or similar situation previously I was at a total loss as to what would be my best course of action.
Via a previous dealing it was suggested to me that I contact Kellie and seek her advice. I did heed that suggestion which has proven to be one of my most beneficial actions I have ever made.
From my very first conversation with Kellie it was obvious that she was a good listener with a friendly caring demeaner and willing to answer my questions.
My subsequent conversations with her quickly made me feel very much at ease and confident I was dealing with an efficient, trustworthy and knowledgeable person.
As time went by I discovered she is a person who does what she says she will in a most professional manner. She often researched any point of uncertainty and lost no time in getting back to me to resolve my questions.
Paul Young 21st July 2020

Recently my father went into Aged care, being separated by illness and unable to live at their house by herself, my mother was forced to sell and move into a retirement village. Kellie was an incredible help assisting our family with financial advice and planning for the longer term costs associated with both parents living in different types of accommodation and care requirements.  Kellie was even able to suggest a few facilities that located both our parents in close proximity to family members. We can't thank Kellie enough for what she has done and would highly recommend Kellie to others with similar circumstances to ours.  

Warren Harries 2024

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